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What is used to make a sculpture?
We manufacture our own crystal clear ice block weighing 300# which takes 3-5 days to produce. Consequently, we are able to freeze items into our block for a dramatic effect. We do not use ice molds. Each piece is uniquely created using chisels, a chainsaw, rotary tools, and the latest ice sculpting technology.

How large is the sculpture?
Each single block measures approximately 40" tall, 20" wide, and 10" thick. Most single block sculptures stand up to 40" tall, or the sculpture can be carved from a horizontal block 40" wide and 20" tall. We can "cut and paste" the block, called "fusing" to make variations of these dimensions and still only use a single block. Some designs of sculptures do require multiple blocks of ice to produce larger sculptures.

How long does the sculpture last?
An ice sculpture at room temperature will keep its good detail for 4-6 hours, but can last many more hours keeping its overall shape and design. There are variables that effect the melting of ice sculptures such as the size or bulkiness of the sculpture, the type of detail, and the temperature of the environment. Sunlight and wind, or use of fans, can deteriorate it quickly.

In the pictures, why are some sculptures cloudy and others clear?
Upon delivery and set up, the insulated transport bags are removed from the sculpture. The ice is frosted, or cloudy, at room temperature for up to 45 minutes during its "tempering" process. After it's tempered, the sculpture is crystal clear and wet to the touch. Some pictures were taken immediately after set up, before the sculpture was tempered. All sculptures are crystal clear at the start of the event.

How much does an ice sculpture cost?
The average package price for single block ice sculptures starts at $300 - $400 plus sales tax. The price typically includes delivery from our Birmingham studio, set up, rental of a clear acrylic ice tray, lit display base, and drainage supplies, and may include breakdown. Additional mileage charges may apply. Multiple block ice sculptures will be quoted separately.

Is a deposit required?
A $50deposit will be required in most instances to reserve your booking. Check, cash, and credit cards are accepted. This deposit is applied to your balance and is non-refundable for cancellations less than sixty days from your booking. For clients picking up sculptures and equipment, and/or clients responsible for returning equipment, a credit card number must remain on file for an equipment security deposit authorization.

How much notification is needed to reserve a sculpture?
The more advance notice we receive, the more time we have to design and prepare for creating the sculpture. Some book months in advance, but typically, we request orders no less than two to four weeks prior to the event. Last minute orders may be accepted depending on availability of time, labor and materials. If your event is in May, June, September, October, or December, then please book early as these are our busiest months. To order, please call 205-601-0621.

What does the client need to provide?
We request that the client provide the table that the ice sculpture is to be displayed on, a working electrical receptacle available, extra table linen to wrap the display base and "cloud" around the light base, and any extra floral or greenery from the event's florist to decorate the display. We can provide the table, linen, and floral upon request for an additional charge.

Will Alabama Ice Carving take down the ice sculpture and pick up the equipment?
We offer this service in our package price. Otherwise, to reduce the cost of the package price, clients may opt to be responsible themselves for the breakdown of the sculpture at the conclusion of the event, empty the drain bucket, and return all rental equipment to our location within the following two business days. Clients will be charged full replacement value for all equipment that is not returned.